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The client envisioned this bright, elegant apartment in Kensington, London as a calming and versatile space for entertaining and relaxation. The charming combination of the traditional and the contemporary in classic monochrome is balanced by warm hues and touches of luxurious metal.





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Comfortable, spacious seating surrounds an Andrew Martin dining table, topped with soft linens and monochrome dinner sets.

The Viscose border rug adds definition to the open plan living space and the Liang and Eimil coffee table forms a structural focal point.


The sofas give an allure of black amongst muted tones, and the favourite piece; a tufted Velvet armchair, is simplistic and traditional.

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To accommodate for guests, bespoke Emperor beds were made splittable; their headboards wrapped in Velvet.


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High thread count linens and layers of cushions create a feeling of warmth and sophistication.



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