Bring a little bit of brutalist charm to your home with The Concrete Cactus. 


Our curved concrete pot wraps this elongated desert lover in industrial elegance. 


The striking ribbed cylindrical stems of the Silver Torch cacti present slender, sliver toned spines that bear sweet tubular flowers in the summer. 


Sitting proudly in any space this silver torch cacti perfectly with our Concrete Barrel, giving you extravagant contrast in texture, height and colour. 


A very low maintenance houseplant. 


In-house designed. Finished with Carara marble chippings. 


Position: Bright Sunlight | Indirect  

Flowering period: Evergreen, small flowers in summer

Hardiness: Tender (indoors only)

Dimensions: Height 52cm - 72cm | Width 30cm Including pot 


Home care: Water fortnightly in warmer months and monthly in cooler. Keep in temperatures at or above 15°C. 


Each design is made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery during busy periods.


The Concrete Cactus

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