Our Pampas Grass Naturelle.


The perfect pampas grass bouquet for any setting.


These neutral, fluffy stems, pour out of your vase display creating a truly organic approach to floristry.


With pleasing warm tones to the feathers, this stunning pampas grass bouquet catches the pouring golden light of the afternoon sun, adding textural play to your design.


Preserved, and lasting for years, this timeless bouquet speaks for itself.


Eco-friendly homeware. This bouquet is biodegradable.


Sold in a bouquet | 10 stems per bouquet


The picture shows 1 bouquet in the vase


Vase height is 30cm X 12cm


Position: Anywhere 

Flowering period: Evergreen

Hardiness: Tender (indoors only)

Dimensions: Height 60cm | Width 6cm | Feather - 20cm - 30cm | Stem 40cm - 30cm


Home care: This naturally dried pampas grass ensures that it will last for years if treated kindly. Upon arrival, give them a gentle shake, by holding the stem at the bottom of the feather. This will encourage the feathers to fluff up after transit. Leave in a warm sunny spot for a couple of days, this will help open up the feathers.  


With regret, we do not cover the highlands and Ireland.

Pampas Grass Naturelle

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