Our Moss Bowl Wabi-Sabi Large, part of our new collection.


The Wabi-Sabi Large brings you a design aesthetic that combines natural inspirations and a neutral palette with an acknowledgement of the beauty in the imperfection of daily life.


Our Wabi-Sabi Moss Medium celebrates the knots in the wood, the uniqueness in each, the perfectly imperfect. Part of our luxury range.


This hand-carved, 50cm diameter bowl is here to impress. Known for its rich lasting colour of the preserved moss, maintenance-free & lasting for years.


The perfect dining table centrepiece!


In house designed | Handmade


Eco-friendly homeware. This moss bowl is biodegradable


Dimensions: Height 15cm | Width 50cm Including bowl

Position: Indirect sunlight

Flowering period: Preserved moss

Hardiness: Tender (indoors only)


Home care: As this is a preserved item it does not require water, only occasional dusting with a feather duster to keep it clean.


Gift wrapping is complimentary with every order.


With regret, we do not cover the Highlands and Ireland. 

Moss Bowl Wabi-Sabi Large

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