Our moss bowl Béton Brut Petite. 


A spin on our best selling original, but this time for smaller spaces.


Add a timeless and contemporary touch to your coffee table with our preserved Moss Béton Brut Petite. 


This organic moss bowl is known for its rich lasting colour of the preserved moss.


Accommodating years of maintenance-free luscious greenery.


Perfect for coffee tables, shelf styling, side tables or anywhere that needs a subtle touch of greenery. 


In house designed | Handmade


Eco-friendly homeware. This moss bowl is biodegradable.

In house designed.


Position: Indirect sunlight  

Flowering period: Preserved minimum of 6 months

Hardiness: Tender (indoors only)

Dimensions:  Height 14cm | Width 28cm | Depth 9cm


Home care:

Sustainably harvested and preserved moss that includes natural dyes and glycerine so that the item maintains its soft appearance. As this is a preserved item it does not require water, only occasional dusting with a feather duster to keep it clean.


Each design is made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery during busy periods.


With regret, we do not cover the highlands and Ireland.

Moss Bowl Béton Brut Petite

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