Bulrush Blanc, for the minimalist inside you.


These tall, slender stems are a minimalist's best friend. Sitting proudly, this linear bulrush bouquet adds a neutral look and feel to your space.


The calming tones of the white allow for this bouquet to compliment any interior setting.


Style alone or with a marriage of colours for a contemporary touch with subtle luxury in mind.


Nothing overpowering, just simple, delicate minimalism, gets us every time.


Eco-friendly homeware. These preserved bulrush stems are biodegradable.


Sold in a bouquet | 10 stems per bouquet


The picture shows 1 bouquet in the vase.


Position: Anywhere   

Flowering period: Evergreen

Hardiness: Tender (indoors only)

Dimensions: Height 70cm | Width 3cm | Reed - 15cm - 25cm | Stem 45cm - 35cm


Home care: Home care: This naturally dried Bulrush ensures that it will last for years if treated kindly.


With regret, we do not cover the highlands and Ireland.

Bulrush Blanc

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