Our Amaranthus Blanc.


Preserved off white Amaranthus, for the interior addicts who want something unique!


This stunning preserved Amaranthus is perfect for draping over shelves or vases.

A truly unique styling item that you can get creative with.


The white delicate flowers hang effortlessly, spilling over your styled display, adding a warming artistic touch.


Place on the top of a bookcase, mantle, in a planter, vase or hang for an artistic touch.

Sleek and full of versatility. One of our favourite products yet.


Eco-friendly homeware. Our preserved Amaranthus is biodegradable.


Position: Anywhere   

Flowering period: Evergreen

Hardiness: Tender (indoors only)

Dimensions: Height 70cm - 100cm | Width 10cm 


Home care: Home care: Home care: This naturally dried Amaranthus ensures that it will last for years if treated kindly. Upon arrival they will naturally shed. This is normal and they will settle over a couple of days in possition.


With regret, we do not cover the highlands and Ireland.


Photo Credit | The Last Detail 

Amaranthus Blanc

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